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January 14th - January 17th 

The Saybrook Stage Company is excited to return to The Kate with Deathtrap – both a thriller and a comedy. An ingeniously constructed play that masterfully combines gasp-inducing thrills with spontaneous laughter. This rare combination will have you scared at one moment and laughing seconds later. Set in a comfortable Connecticut home; a once successful playwright is struggling to overcome a dry spell which has resulted in a string of failures and a shortage of funds. He comes across a brilliant thriller written by a young writer and borrowing from his devious machinations as an author of thrillers, an insane plan is hatched to end his drought. The once-popular writer is prepared to go to any length to improve his fortunes which provides the twists and turns and sudden shock that keeps audiences spellbound until the very last minute.

Deathtrap is one of the great popular Broadway successes having won eight prestigious awards when it opened in 1978 including the Tony Award for Best Play. It ran for almost five years and almost 1,800 performances. The rare combination of comedy and suspense make it a favorite even today-almost forty years since it first opened.

Cast of Deathtrap


Sidney Bruhl...............Paul Falzone

Myra Bruhl..................Mary Corigliano

Clifford Anderson.......Alec Bandzes

Helga Ten Dorp..........Terri Corigliano

Porter Milgrim.............Jim Hile