Performed at the Kate in January 2011; it was Saybrook Stage Company's first production. It ran for 3 shows over a wintery weekend in Old Saybrook. The reaction from the audience and the community was very positive and supportive.

With the Stage Manager as your guide, Thorton Wilder’s classic story of the fictional New Hampshire Community takes you on a poignant journey where you will become enthralled with the everyday life of the small New England town “in their birth, in their living and in their dying.”

Directed by John Sebastian DeNicola

Performed at The Kate July 2011. “The Dining Room”, written by A.R. Gurney is a humorous, compassionate play scripted as a series of 18 overlapping, entertaining vignettes. Love, marriage, infidelity, manners, aging, humor, holidays and more are portrayed by eight talented local actors playing over fifty-seven different characters.

Directed By: Jodi Kelly

12 Angry Men

"12 Angry Men", written by Reginald Rose, is a suspenseful drama that depicts a jury forced to reconsider its nearly unanimous decision by the single dissenter who sows a seed of reasonable doubt. The case at hand pertains to whether a young man murdered his own father. As deliberation unfolds so do the different personalities and prejudices that many of the jurors bring to the jury room.

Directed By: Jodi Kelly