Romantic Comedy - July 2019

This fast-paced, hilarious play Romantic Comedy by Bernard Slade takes you back to the 60's and 70's and makes you laugh at the way things used to be. The witty writing and clever comedic timing makes Romantic Comedy a fun night out.

This light-hearted, period piece first opened on Broadway in 1979 and tells the story of arrogant, self-centered and sharp tongued Jason Carmichael, successful co-author of Broadway romantic comedies. But real-life romance doesn’t come easy for Jason and comedy ensues when he finds himself confronted with two momentous events -- he is about to marry a society belle and his long-time collaborator is retiring. Enter Phoebe Craddock, naïve Vermont schoolteacher and budding playwright – and Jason’s world is turned upside down! The two embark on a fresh, new journey of collaboration and take the theater world by storm. Fame and success are theirs for over a decade and then real-life suddenly changes for both of them – but for better or worse? Can two writers of romantic comedies make real-life just as exciting? Can everyday life measure up to the perfection of on-stage romances and fairy-tale happy endings?