The Dining Room - July 2011

The Dining Room - CastPerformed at The Kate July 2011. “The Dining Room”, written by A.R. Gurney is a humorous, compassionate play scripted as a series of 18 overlapping, entertaining vignettes. Love, marriage, infidelity, manners, aging, humor, holidays and more are portrayed by eight talented local actors playing over fifty-seven different characters.   

Directed By: Jodi Kelly

Cast: (in order of appearance)

Maggie McGlone-Jennings; Jason Naylor; Rose Lamoureux; Jim Abrams, Kevin Spedding; Mary Corigliano; Tomas Virgadula; Terri Corigliano


Party Scene:

The Dining Room - Toast Scene

Grandfather Scene:

The Dining Room - Grandfather Scene

Repairman Scene:

The Dining Room - Repairman

The Dining Room - Repairman


The Dining Room - Teenagers

Protecting Your Brother:

The Dining Room - Protecting Brother

Father and Son:

The Dining Room - Father and Son

Final Party:

The Dining Room - The Final Party

The Dining Room - Toast Scene